Leagues, Fall 2023 Season

Last updated: September 5, 2023

Registration Has Closed We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all the enthusiastic players who signed up for this season. Registration is now officially closed, and we are overwhelmed by the incredible response we received. It’s time to gear up and get ready for an amazing season of pickleball action!

What to Expect This Season Get ready for thrilling matches, fierce competition, and unforgettable moments on the courts. Our dedicated team has been hard at work planning an action-packed schedule that will keep you engaged and entertained throughout the fall.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your pickleball journey, there’s a place for everyone in our vibrant pickleball community. Expect to improve your skills, make new friends, and enjoy the camaraderie that comes with being part of this fantastic sport.

Stay Updated Follow the PCCC on Facebook. Coordinators try to post additional OPEN courts. While many leagues are offered this season, there are always open courts. Please check the PCCC calendar to find the open courts.

Spectators Welcome Even if you missed the registration window, you’re still invited to come and watch the games. Feel the energy, cheer for your favorite players, and soak in the autumn vibes at the courtside.

Contact Us We’re here to make your pickleball experience the best it can be. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Lynze Kapp at [email protected]

Let’s make this Fall Pickleball Season one for the books! Get your paddles ready, and let the games begin!

Key Dates

Registration closedWednesday, August 28
Fall season beginsTuesday, September 5
Fall season endsMonday, October 30

League List

NameSkillWeekdayTimeLocationPlayersApproval RequiredCoordinatorsContact
Advanced Beginner/Intermediate Co-Ed2.5 – 3.4Monday6:30pmDodd Park50NoDave King
Chris Christensen
[email protected]
Advanced Fixed Partner4.0+Monday6:30pmCTC60YesLynze Kapp
John Kapp
[email protected]
RPL Advanced 4.5+ Draft 4.5+Monday6:30pmRW40YesGreg Walls
Ho Kim
[email protected]
4 O’Clock Somewhere (Women’s Afternoon)3.25+Tuesday4pmCTC56NoRose Malone
Joan Osborne
[email protected]
Senior Men’s Daytime3.0+Tuesday1pm-3pmHuguenot30NoRick Phelps
David Chase
[email protected]
Intermediate Men’s3.5+Tuesday6:30pmRW50NoDavid Kupstas[email protected]
League of Their Own (Women’s Evening)3.0-3.5+Tuesday6:30pmCTC45NoJackie Keenan[email protected]
Intermediate/Advanced Co-Ed3.5+Wednesday6:30pmCTC68
YesTina DiBello
Paul DiBello
[email protected]
RPL Intermediate 4.0+ Draft 4.0+Wednesday6:30pmRW40YesGreg Walls
Christina Shifflett
[email protected]
Senior Women’s Daytime3.0+Thursday1pm-3pmCTC40NoPage Grace
Bev Moss
[email protected]
[email protected]
Advanced Beginner Co-Ed2.5-3.0Thursday6:30pmCTC75NoDave King[email protected]
Advanced Women’s4.0+Thursday6:30pmHD30YesDenise Glidden[email protected]
Beginner Co-Ed2.0-2.5Friday7pmRW40NoColby Rogness[email protected]
Co-Ed Intermediate/Advanced Singles3.5+Friday6:30pmHD16NoAaron Reidmiller
Chanta Williams
[email protected]
Seniors 60+ Team3.0-3.5+Friday12:30pm-3:30pmCTC56NoJack Grace
Dave Simon
[email protected]
Beginner Co-Ed Drills & Play2.0-2.5Friday6:30pmCTC40NoLinda Scott
Dave Scott
[email protected]
Intermediate Fixed Partner3.0-3.5+Sunday6:30pmRW50NoDwight Gordon
Sandra Silas
[email protected]

Registration Rules

  1. Preferential treatment will be given to those who are PCCC members prior to registration.
  2. If a league requires a pre-approval, this is necessary to obtain from the league coordinator before registering. If a player registers without pre-approval, the coordinator has the right to cancel a player’s registration. Players may be pre-approved for as many leagues as they are interested in.
  3. Players may register for ONE LEAGUE ONLY on the first day of registration.
  4. Leagues are first come/first serve in order of registrations received. If pre approvals for leagues are required, this does NOT mean that you have a reserved spot. It simply means you meet the criteria necessary to register.
  5. A team may register ONLY if both players are eligible for registration at that time. If a player is already signed up for a league & has not hit the above criteria, then the team will have to wait until the player becomes eligible for a second league.
  6. If a player signs up for a league when they have not met the above criteria, the registration will be canceled & the spot will be forfeited in the league.
  7. There will be NO REFUNDS once a player is registered, no exceptions.
  8. Once a league roster is full, players will be contacted by the league coordinator(s) with additional information.
  9. Leagues are 8 weeks total.

Draft League Rules

(RPL 4.0+ Intermediate & RPL 4.5+ Advanced Leagues)

There are 2 draft leagues this season, please see the schedule below:

  1. Deadline for draft interest occurs before registration opens- No players will be added after the draft. Players are eligible for 1 draft only. If a player is drafted for the one league, they will not qualify for the other draft league. There are other great leagues offered at this skill level should a player not be drafted. 
  2. Drafts will occur before registration opens & players will be notified once the drafts are completed.
  3. If a player is drafted, registration is required by within 5 days or the player’s spot will be forfeited.

Questions & Help

If you have questions, please contact the league coordinator via email listed on the website.

Any additional questions please contact Lynze Kapp, League Commissioner at [email protected].