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USA Pickleball – is the national association for pickleball. Support pickleball by becoming a member. Membership is only $20 a year

USA now has a Juniors section, with information on Junior tournaments as well as resources to run junior programs and a lot more. To find out all about this program, Click Here (Williamsburg, VA) Since 2013 Pickleburg has been providing news, information, and game improvement resources for the local and visiting player community.

UTurn Sports 2101 Maywill Street Richmond, VA 23230 has pickleball.  It offers memberships for play.  For more information, Contact us at [email protected].

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Learn to play Pickleball

Pickleball 100 Rules and Game Handout

100 Rules-#1

100 rules-#2

100 Rules-#3

How to play pickleball Part 1

How to play pickleball Part 2 & 3

A youtube video teaching kids to play pickleball