A League of Their Own

Intermediate Women’s League


Skill level: Social 3.4+

Meeting day and time: Tuesdays @ 6:30 PM

Park location: Rockwood Park

Maximum participants: 40

Playing format: Round robin


Jackie Keenan

Coordinator approval required to register: No

Player Skill Expectations

This league, designed for women with a skill level of 3.4 and above, combines competitiveness with a mission to provide a fun, encouraging, and positive environment for women who love pickleball. Players should be familiar with the basic rules, be able to keep score, return serves, ability to dink when needed, have the ability to return medium paced shots and have a basic understanding of strategy and court positioning (getting up to the line). It is not intended for complete beginners, as instructions on “how to play” are not provided. Participants are expected to be familiar with the basic rules and scoring outlined in the USAPA Rules. The focus is on fostering enjoyment and camaraderie among women who share a passion for pickleball.

General Comments

Participants are advised to bring their own pickleball paddle and ensure proper hydration with an ample water supply. Sunscreen, comfortable attire, and protective glasses are recommended for a comfortable playing experience. Game balls will be provided. While regular participation each week is strongly encouraged. Weekly sign-ups will be distributed throughout the eight-week season, offering flexibility for players.



Read the registration rules first!

  1. Access and complete the registration form via the “Add to Cart” link.
  2. Checkout and pay the league fees.
  3. Check your email for a receipt to confirm successful registration.
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