Serve & Volley Superstars


Skill level: Social/Competitive 2.5-3.25

Meeting day and time: Thursdays @  6:30 PM

Park location: CTC

Maximum participants: 75

Playing format: Round Robin


David King
[email protected]

Coordinator approval required to register: No

Player Skill Expectations

The advanced beginner co-ed level players may demonstrate skills such as being able to sustain short to multiple shot rallies. Players may incorporate forehand and backhand shots (still working on stroke development). They may think about coming up to the Non-Volley Zone (NVZ) and start to become more aggressive with their play. This level player may incorporate dinks & lobs (may not fully understand where and when to use). Other skills include the serve becoming more reliable, knowledge of rules improving, and court coverage may still be weak but improves consistently.

General Comments

Warmups starting at 6:00 PM and games beginning promptly at 6:30 PM. 75 players will be on the roster this season with up to 60 playing each week. This league is open to both female and male players who are ready to have FUN and advance their game to a higher level of play. Every effort will be made to keep each group as coed as possible, but it depends on who signs up to play on any given night. Regular participation each week is strongly encouraged, but not required. Weekly sign-ups will be sent each week throughout the eight-week season. Players should be familiar with the basic rules and scoring (see the USAPA Rules). Bring your own pickleball paddle and plenty of water/hydration. Sunscreen, comfortable attire, and protective glasses are recommended. Balls for play will be provided



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  3. Check your email for a receipt to confirm successful registration.
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