USA Pickleball Ambassadors and Places to Play

Virginia Central District Ambassador – Linda Scott – 804 683 8481


Amelia is open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:00 to 3:00 . The address is:   Amelia War Memorial, 16330 Dunn St, Amelia, Va   Info: Contact Nora Pike – [email protected]


Landmark Center 4290 Anderson Highway Powhatan, VA is open every Tuesday and Thursday from 9AM-11:30AM Wednesday 12-2:30 for pickleball. The contact is Meghan Heatwole 804-598-5275, email parksand [email protected]

Richmond-Diana Garland

Diana’s contact information is:   RVAPickleball on FACEBOOK and [email protected]

Places to play in Richmond:
Places to Play in Richmond City
Indoor Courts
Southside Rec Center – 6255 Old Warwick Rd. – closed until further notice
Humphrey Calder – 414 North Thompson Street – 3 courts – Wednesdays – 12:30 pm to 3 pm

Outdoor Courts Most of Richmond City’s parks are dawn to dusk, even some of the parks with lighted courts. This means opening and closing times of gated parks will vary with the seasons. Please do not bypass any locked gates.

Forest Hill Park – 41st and Forest Hill Ave – 6 outdoor courts (no lights)
Randolph Rec Center – 1415 Grayland Ave – 2 dedicated Pickleball courts – 1 combo (lights)
Broad Rock Sports Complex** – 4835 Old Warwick Rd – 6 outdoor courts (limited lighting)
Hotchkiss Field** – 701 E Brookland Park Blvd – 6 courts (limited lighting)
**Beginning November 1st, hours for Broad Rock and Hotchkiss Field are 8 am to 6 pm! Lights will stay on for a short period after 6 to allow security to clear the park. GATES WILL BE LOCKED. Please wrap up your games by 6 pm.
Bill Robinson – 701 N 37th St – 2 dedicated Pickleball courts – 1 combo court (no lights)Bryan Park – 4308 Hermitage Rd. – 4 courts (no lights) – NOW OPEN FOR PLAY

Northside Y Pickleball (1)

Prince George – Jared Dieffenbach –[email protected]

Central Wellness Center 11023 Prince George Dr. Suite #116 Disputanta, VA Pickleball on Tues. Wed. and Friday from 9AM-noon.

Temple Park 14307 Prince George Dr. Disputanta, VA 23842 There are 4 new pickleball courts.

Colonial Heights – Roger Underhill-[email protected]  Cell #804-735-8141
Henrico Pickleball– Hazel Lewis – [email protected] and Henrico Pickleball Group on Facebook

Eastern Henrico Recreation Center 1440 N. Laburnum Ave. Henrico, VA

Deep Run Recreational Center 9910 Ridgefield Parkway

Pouncey Tract Courts (12 lighted courts) 4747 Pouncey Tract Rd. Glen Allen, VA

The Spring Courts in Eastern Henrico (6 unlighted courts) 302 Lee Ave. Highland Springs, VA

Hanover Co. – Lynn Dillion- [email protected]

Shady Grove United Methodist Church8209 Shady Grove Road Mechanicsville, VA 23111

Mon-Wed-Fri 9:30AM -11:30AM

Fairfield Presbyterian Church Family Center 6930 Cold Harbor Dr. Mechanicsville Tuesday-Thur. 12-2PM Wednesday 5:30-7:30PM Equipment provided. Beginners welcome. Come and have fun.

Pole Green Park 8996 Pole Green Ln. Mechanicsville, VA 23116 -dusk to dawn

Goochland Co. –Donald Coles – [email protected]
Louisa Co. –Annette Hayes, at 434-960-5860 or [email protected]
Williamsburg, VA– Jeff Anthony (Williamsburg, VA) Since 2013 Pickleburg has been providing news, information, and game improvement resources for the local and visiting player community

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