Linda’s Page

Linda Scott at the Ambassador Retreat in Florida.  She is just a bit left of the center.  Thanks, Linda for all you do for PCCC!

From Jared Dieffenbach, our Dinwiddie Ambassador, extraordinaire, reminds us as to why we should all be members of the USAPA.
As part of my Ambassador duties…. if you haven’t already, consider joining the USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) for just $20/year. It’s our national organization that promotes pickleball and keeps it growing both locally and nationally. USAPA and the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) recently announced a strategic alliance that will provide both youth and adult programming for athletes across the country. Pickleball is said to be the #1 growing sport in the U.S. and the world with future plans to make it an olympic sport.
What does my $20 USAPA Membership get me?
Becoming a USAPA member is a simple yet powerful way to put your support squarely behind the sport that is one of the fastest growing in the United States. When you join USAPA, your $20 annual membership supports rules and equipment standards, introductory and developmental programs for all ages, standardized competitive play and much more!  In addition, USAPA members also receive:
  • FREE e-mailed Copies of ‘Pickleball Magazine’ (6 per year)
  • 40% Discount (off cover price) of Mailed Subscription of ‘Pickleball Magazine
  • $10 Discount on USAPA Net System
  • Seasonal Discounts on USAPA Merchandise
  • USAPA e-Newsletter (6 per year)
  • Member Upgrade Options (optional USAPA discount products members can select during the online registration process)
  • USAPA Rating for all Sanctioned Tournaments (coming in 2017)
  • Secondary Medical Insurance for USAPA-Sanctioned Tournaments
  • Printable USAPA Membership Card
  • Member Access to  new ‘Look-Up’ on USAPA Website
  • Member Access to new ‘Partner Search’ on USAPA Website                                        
  • Member Access to new ‘Referee Trainer Guide’ on USAPA Website
  • Member Access to new ‘Referee Handbook’ on USAPA Website
* * * Now, USAPA members get discounts on travel, hotels, car rentals and much more! * * *
Give yourself a Christmas present that you will feel good about.   Support the sport you love.   Go to USAPA.org and join today.

Chesterfield Pickleball News 11/30/2018

          Download the December Calendar from website.  We are getting it to you early this time.

Club T-shirts.   These make a great holiday gift even to yourself…:-)     There are some new colors available.   They look great.  I know you have seen many of us wearing them.   This is a wonderful way to declare your affiliation with the club and your love of pickleball.
 Click here for pictures and order form

  Hooray!!!!!    The Pickleball Club of Chesterfield just added its 900th member.   Can we get to 1,000 before year end?   Yes, we can with your help!    Please ask each player you play with to join in support of Pickleball in the local area.   It’s a deal and they get the calendar and updates, too.   Thanks.

 CTC      They are working hard each day the weather allows.   No new completion date but I know they are trying to finish by the end of the year.     See Chesterfield Pickleball Group on FACEBOOK for the latest pictures.

 Remember that we now have a great website for the calendar, news, tournaments, class dates and times, traveling pro clinics. etc.
  Click here for a link to the website 

See you on the courts!

Chesterfield Pickleball News     11/24/2018

New Locations for Pickleball
Don’t forget the newest location in Powhatan.   It is open on most Monday, Wednesday and Friday.   The gym is well lighted and there are some very good and nice players who go to that location.  Your contact for Powhatan is Cheryl and Rick Stark at (USAPA Ambassadors for Powhatan) Rick.Cheri.H@gmail.com.
New Calendar Item:   Although there is no room for Richmond Pickleball locations and dates on the front of the calendar, we will add Diana Garland (USAPA Ambassador for Richmond) information as well as locations to play on the back sheet of the calendar.   They have two indoor locations (Humprey Calder Community Center and Southside Recreation Center as well as some brand new outdoor courts on Grayland Ave.   Diana’s contact information is:   RVAPickleball on FACEBOOK and DianaGarland@live.com.
Contact us in several ways;  Return email is a good way to contact me personally.  You can also join our FACEBOOK group for positive and lively discussions regarding pickleball and current information relating to court conditions, where players are playing that day,etc.   You can post information and pictures, too.  ChesterfieldPickleballGroup for those who use FACEBOOK is available to you.   Also, don’t forget about our new website that our Vice President, Chris Terrell, designed for us.    The address is ChesterfieldPickleball.Club.  Lots of good information is available here, too.