Senior Men’s League 65+

Intermediate Daytime Senior Men’s League


Skill level: Social 3.25+

Meeting day and time: Wednesday @ 1:00 PM

Park location: Huguenot

Maximum participants: 32

Playing format: Round robin


Rick Phelps & David Chase

Coordinator approval required to register: No

Player Skill Expectations

3.25+ skill rating. This is not a beginner league.

General Comments

Registration for this event accommodates up to 32 players, with 25 active slots available. Weekly sign-up sheets are posted on Friday afternoons, and while registration doesn’t guarantee play each week, participants must sign up to secure their spot for the following week. In case of a waitlist, those not selected can opt to pre-enroll for the subsequent week, ensuring no player involuntarily misses two consecutive weeks. Familiarity with basic rules and scoring (USAPA Rules) is expected, and players should bring their own paddle and water. Protective glasses are strongly recommended, and game balls will be provided for play.



Read the registration rules first!

  1. Access and complete the registration form via the “Add to Cart” link.
  2. Checkout and pay the league fees.
  3. Check your email for a receipt to confirm successful registration.
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