DRAFT CLOSED: RPL Advanced 4.5+ Draft League


Skill level: 4.5+

Meeting day and time: Mondays @ 6:30 PM

Park location: Rockwood

Maximum participants: 40

Playing format: The draft will be held with 4 sets of co-captains. There will be 5-6 rounds of play each night consisting of a combination of Men’s doubles, Women’s doubles & Mixed doubles. Each round will be a single game to 21 MLP rally style scoring.   Playoffs at the end of the season will crown the winning team.


Greg Walls
[email protected]

Coordinator approval required to register: Yes

Player Skill Expectations

This league will be the highest-level league offered this season and will be drafting the top talent in the Richmond area. Players will need to have a DUPR account/rating approved before entering the draft. MATCHES WILL NOT COUNT TOWARD A PLAYER’S DUPR SCORE UNLESS ALL PLAYERS AGREE BEFORE THE START OF A MATCH.

General Comments

** Important **
PRIOR to registration opening (Draft interest deadline is AUGUST 11th), interested players will need to contact Greg Walls by email to be added to the draft pool. If a player has any questions about the draft process, if they have the necessary skill set or any other questions/concerns- please reach out to Greg prior to August 11th. Any players expressing interest after the draft (draft occurs prior to open registration by AUGUST 14th) will not be able to participate this season. Draft will occur prior to registration to allow for those not selected in the draft to play in another league if interested. Players entering this draft will NOT be eligible for the Wednesday Advanced Draft League. It is recommended to have a backup league should you not be chosen for a team, refer to Advanced Fixed Partner, Advanced Women’s 4.0+, Intermediate/Advanced 3.5-4.0+ Co-Ed, Intermediate Men’s League or the Co-Ed Intermediate/Advanced Singles League descriptions to assist in finding a second choice if needed.



Read the registration rules first!

  1. Access and complete the registration form via the “Add to Cart” link.
  2. Checkout and pay the league fees.
  3. Check your email for a receipt to confirm successful registration.