Advanced Women’s 4.0+ League


Skill level: 4.0+

Meeting day and time: Thursdays, 6:30 PM

Park location: Harry Daniel

Maximum participants: 30

Playing format: Round Robin


Denise Glidden

Coordinator approval required to register: Yes

Player Skill Expectations

Players should consistently play at a 4.0+ level. Players in this league will be working on mastering skills, shot types, touch, spin, serves and can often control the depth of their shots, and handle pace. Players have a good knowledge of the importance of shot selection, accurate shot placement and regularly attempt to hit winning shots. This level of player attempts to force opponents to make errors by keeping the ball in play. They anticipate opponents’ shots resulting in good court positioning, shot choices and strategies, varying these and their style of play according to the opponents’ strengths and weaknesses, and court position.

General Comments

The goal is to provide a high level of competition AND have fun at the same time. This league will bring more competition and variety, attracting some of the top women players in the area. This league will follow USAPA Rules. Bring your own pickleball paddle and plenty of water/hydration. Sunscreen, comfortable attire, and protective glasses are recommended. Balls for play will be provided. Regular participation each week is strongly encouraged, but not required. Weekly sign-ups will be sent each week throughout the eight-week season.



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  2. Checkout and pay the league fees.
  3. Check your email for a receipt to confirm successful registration.
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