Intermediate Co-ed @ Dodd Park


Skill level: Social 3.0+

Meeting day and time: Mondays @ 6:30 PM

Park location: Dodd Park

Maximum participants: 50

Playing format: Round robin


Chris Christensen
[email protected]

Coordinator approval required to register: No

Player Skill Expectations

This league is not designed for complete beginners, and instructions on how to play are not provided. Participants are expected to be familiar with the basic rules and scoring outlined in the USAPA Rules. The league is tailored for advanced beginners and intermediate players who can sustain both short and occasionally longer rallies. These players are improving in consistency with serves and returns for medium-paced shots. While basic shots, strokes, and placement skills are enhanced, there may be challenges in controlling the direction, depth, or power of shots. Dinks and lobs are integrated more regularly into their gameplay style.

General Comments

The league offers a dynamic experience by dividing players into groups weekly, allowing for diverse and enjoyable matchups. Each league night typically features 5-8 games, with the first team to reach 11 points securing a win. The scheduling platform, Sign-Up Genius, can accommodate up to 42 players weekly throughout the eight-week season. Warmups begin at 6:00 PM, followed by games starting promptly at 6:30 PM. With a roster limit of 50 players, the league is open to both female and male participants seeking fun and skill advancement. While efforts are made to maintain coed groups, it depends on nightly sign-ups. Regular weekly participation is highly encouraged, and players are expected to be familiar with basic rules and scoring (USAPA Rules). Participants should bring their own paddle, stay hydrated, and consider sunscreen, comfortable attire, and protective glasses, with game balls provided.



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  2. Checkout and pay the league fees.
  3. Check your email for a receipt to confirm successful registration.
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