The Pickleball Club of Chesterfield County is located in Chesterfield County, Virginia, adjacent to the city of Richmond, VA. Our club is over 900 members strong and growing, and we’d love to have you as a member too!

Membership dues for PCCC are $1 per year and can be paid to any of the officers of the club:

  • Linda Scott – President
  • Chris Terrell – Vice President
  • Leslie Moore – Treasurer
  • Gloria Lambert – Secretary
  • Or Cynthia Gifford (St. Mark’s), Louise Carloni (Crestwood), Jill Jones (Bethia), Gail Fairbanks (BABC), Jean Bosch (Ramsey), Frankie Contratto (Henry Daniels) and Jared Dieffenbach (Prince George

Please email Linda pickleball4all@aol.com, or Chris cterrell4861@gmail.com for more information.

There are many places to play pickleball throughout Chesterfield County and other local vicinities.  You will find Chesterfield schedule on the calendar page and other places on Local Ambassadors page.

All positions within are staffed by volunteers. Donations are kindly accepted and all fund various projects.

The PCCC follows the official rules and regulations as established by the USA Pickleball Association .